Hassad Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company that was established in November 2009 as Hassad Food Company’s first overseas investment.

We are a committed investor in Australian agriculture in the long term and are a leading company focused on excellence in food production.

The company’s head office is in Melbourne and its operations are fully managed and staffed by Australians.

Hassad Australia is an integral part of Hassad Food Company’s vision to become a global food provider by growing, processing and supplying high quality food under a brand of excellence.

As an Australian company, we are bound by all Australian Legislation and Regulations, Foreign Investment Review Board requirements and operate according to international best practice corporate governance standards.


Head Office

Level 19

500 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000

 Phone Number: +61 3 9977 8700 | Fax Number: +61 3 9977 8749

Email Address: reception.au@hassad.com